Monday, September 7, 2009

TikiBoo Signature singlets

Once upon a time in a magical garden
there lived two sisters, Georgia and Nicola

who loved frilly, funky and fabulous

clothing and accessories...

I have had a few queries as to where people can buy our signature singlets!

We have a brand new retailer on board this summer, the beautiful new store "Georgia's Garden". Georgia's Garden stock a large range of TikiBoo Kids clothing, including our beautiful samba dresses, boy's shorts and our gorgeous new signature outfits pictured!

*If you are a retailer looking for a fabulous new limited edition range to stock, please contact me via for our wholesale details!*


  1. Hi Kathryn. These are adorable outfits. Lovely photo's. I wanted to thank-you for dropping by Beach Vintage and leaving a comment.

  2. They are just too cute!

    Hope you're well Kathryn. I've been MIA so am hoping to slowly get back into it all! Just crazy with house renovations, ickle Kids, moving homes, selling homes, kids (like everyone else) etc etc!!

    Hope to catch up soon x

  3. They are adorable! You are so clever x


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