Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tales of woe

It really hasn't been the most wonderful month for us. My Mum is unwell. Last week I tripped and fell hard on a concrete floor, my back and err...tailbone area are still mighty sore. Then Miss TikiBoo tripped and broke her two front teeth. My sister has swine flu.
When I went to pick up the mail yesterday I was carded for a box of fabric. A big box. Those who sew will know how exciting it is to take delivery of new fabric, those who don't will just think I'm strange...the anticipation of getting home and seeing how quickly you can get the box open. Some of my fabrics are ordered months in advance, so I never know exactly what will be in each box. Almost bubbling with anticipation, I raced home, snipped open the box....and discovered the fabrics I had ordered were all home decor weight! They aren't suitable for clothing at all.
Oh, what a let down! I'll find a way to offload them I'm sure...but I still missed out on that fabric stasher buzz. Hopefully I'll receive some more lovely goodies in the mail soon!

Has anyone else been having one of "those" months?



  1. I know that fabric isn't a cure, but it still brings a smile to my face as well. I am sorry to hear that this is a difficult time for you.

  2. hope your fam gets on the mend soon! you too!

    im in this month. and the end of last month too :(

    hopefully things get better soon - for everyone!

  3. Sorry to hear that things aren't going all that well for you and your family and I hope you are all well again soon.

    It's such a shame about the fabric - they look like gorgeous designs.

  4. Oh aarggrhh how annoying!! Hope things improve soon! Kim :)

  5. Oh Kathryn I hope all goes well with your family. Your little girl still looks cute love her outfit.


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