Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gifts, Glorious Gifts!

Blog This Challenge 13

Do people think you're hard to buy for or are you constantly dropping hints? What's on your ultimate gift list? If you were to write a list of 5 things that would be on the list of perfect presents for your next birthday what would they be? Would it be a particular thing or anything from a particular store/shop? An
experience or something with pretty bows? Practical or whimsical? They don't need to be physical or even attainable gifts - tell us (and those who read your blog) what you want!!

Yes, I'm one of those horribly annoying people that nobody likes to buy for. I can't recall the last time I was given a surprise, everyone always asks me what I want.

Trying to write a list is always hard, and I do have rather expensive tastes (think Tiffany & Co), but honestly, this year my list would have nothing at all to do with material goods. If the following were to happen I would be the happiest girl in all the land!

1. Obviously the best gift of all would be for my Mum to be completely free of the big C forever more. If we think positive and wear our red undies on chemo day I'm certain this will happen!

2. A few more wholesale orders would be fantastic. (Oh, am I shameless?!)

3. My daughter to quit asking for 'something to eat' every.five.minutes.

4. My husband to suddenly decide that another overseas trip would be a really fabulous idea.

5. Oh, really, I just have to throw this one in - a Babylock Evolve. That's what I really have asked for this birthday!


  1. Good to hear my kids aren't the only ones who ask for something to eat every five minutes... Christine xo

  2. fingers crossed for your mum xx

    when your hubby decides to go overseas, think he could call my boyfriend to convince him too?

  3. I hear you on #3! Good luck with the orders and, most importantly, to your Mum.

  4. just name the day and i will wear my red undies too! Whatever it takes!! it's a long journey, isn't it? one day at a time...


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