Sunday, June 21, 2009

Recession Buster Jeans


I'm sure most of us have a pair of jeans hanging around which fit around the tummy - those adjustable waists rock - but are too short in the legs. Or maybe you got lucky like me and found a pair at k-mart reduced to $3! Here is a way to get an extra season from the jeans, or simply a way to create a very cool addition to a little wardrobe and use up fabric scraps. For a boy, add a cuff instead of the ruffle.


1. Split open the seam of the jeans, usually the inner seam - whichever one isn't top stitched. I usually go as far as the pocket. Cut off the hem.

tshirtgiveaway-00222. Open out the seam and press. (Now, I missed a few photos of the next steps here, sorry!)


3. Sew on patches! However you like, there are no limitations. I back mine with vliesofix (double-sided iron on sticky stuff!) and iron them all on before I sew, but you could do each individually. The type of stitch you use doesn't matter either, it depends how much you want fraying. Experiement with some decorative stitches!


4. Embelish with whatever else you like. Lace, buttons, patches. Anything goes!


5. Once you're happy with your patching, turn inside out then stitch and overlock your seam back together, try and stitch where the original seam was.


6. Make ruffles!


7. Pin ruffle on, then stitch and overlock.


8. Turn rightside out and top stitch the ruffle in place.

jeans019. Find uncooperative model!

If you do make these, I'd love to see photos!


Here are a few more tutorials for embellished jeans!

Quality Time - Hippy Chic

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